Published in: January 26, 2021

A1, America’s Favourite Supplement Store To Find the Best Selection of Vitamins and Supplements

Getting the guesswork out of supplements and vitamins, A1 is a one-stop-shop for customers looking for health and nutritional supplements.

Find the best selection of vitamins in A1 and see what other customers think about the product also. A1 reviews will give a buyer details as well as feedback for the product making it easier to decide if that supplement is the best choice for one’s needs.

About the company

A1 is an online distributor as well as a wholesaler of nutritional supplements and sports nutritional supplements based in Knoxville, Tennessee. A1 supplements started as a distributor of health products in the areas of Tennessee, Georgia, and Kentucky, supplying local gyms and stores. It started its online venture in 1999 as A1 making nutritional supplement products available worldwide at wholesale prices.

Selling online allows the company to cut costs by selling the products directly to their customers without the traditional store and employees and middleman. Not only do they ship worldwide, but they also offer the largest and newest line of nutritional products, way earlier before these products hit the shelves.

Vitamins and Supplements

To find the best selection of vitamins on A1 one can log in to their website and browse through their countless selection of products. Each product is categorized according to its purpose and uses like products for health and wellness, muscle building, herbal supplements, antioxidants, and vitamins, and minerals to name a few. Shopping to find the best selection of vitamins is as easy as clicking a selection and checking out.

To find details about the product as well as comments, a1 reviews will provide customers the information they need about the product without the marketing fanfare that goes with it. A1 reviews are from people and customers who have tested and used the product getting the guesswork if a product is the one a consumer is looking for or if the product is effective at all.

Browse through the A1 reviews and one detail stands out, fast processing and faster shipping. Shipping all over the globe, a1 boasts 99.9% of orders shipped within 24 hours. This is because of the site’s stock guarantee; this means the product is always in stock making processing of orders fast and efficient. In support of the men serving overseas, the company will ship to APO/FPO military addresses worldwide and will be considered as domestic (USA) orders and with the corresponding shipping rates.

Men serving as far as Iraq has made comments in A1 reviews that their orders came surprisingly fast considering their location. It is important to note though that military orders should choose USPS Priority Mail as their shipping option. Some have made negative reviews on the A1 reviews section because of the mix up of billing and shipping address sections. So military orders should specify their APO/FPO address as their shipping address since the billing address of their credit cards may not be their shipping address.

Other negative reviews on the A1 reviews are the additional changing fee for shipments. This is due to the customer’s error in the shipping address which will, in turn, cause the shipping company to charge A1 supplement for the rerouting due to incorrect Zipcode or incorrect addresses. Other than these areas of concern, A1 reviews boast of high customer satisfaction.

Payment Options

The site has the following payment options for its products, credit cards, money orders, checks, PayPal, and wire transfers. International orders especially large orders starting at $300 are required to make payment through wire transfer for legitimacy in order to protect the site from fraudulent orders. The company has listed quite a few countries that will require a secured form of payment before their orders are accepted because of the large number of fraudulent orders, a risk any online company will encounter from time to time.

A customer of can order health supplements and vitamins through a number of ways aside from using the site. One can order products through the phone
A1 not only if the place to find the best selection of vitamins, but it is also accepting orders by phone toll-free for US orders, where the customer has his credit card and order details ready.

A customer can also order through the site’s customer live chat service for those who want real-time assistance. Both phone and live chat services are available 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday to Friday EST. Another way to order products from A1 is through the mail where check and money order is the payment option. A customer will fill up his order online but print out the confirmation page. He will send this confirmation page along with his payment to the address specified by A1

A1 not only allows a customer to find the best selection of vitamins available at wholesale prices, but it also provides information along with other informative articles on health, supplements, and lifestyle in its health notes section as well as other information on the site’s Articles tab. A customer can interact with other customers on the site’s forum section. Even if a customer is not on the site to find the best selection of vitamins he may still browse through the wide and varied selection of articles and find information about food, health, nutrition, training, supplements, and motivation. It also includes a section for women’s fitness addressing women’s concern on health, exercise, and losing that few inches for a specific event like a wedding.

A1 forum section is an active community of fitness and health aficionados’, from beginners and professionals who share their thoughts, expertise on the use of supplements to help customers reach their fitness goals. Forums on muscle builders, fat loss and energy, supplements like vitamins, minerals, and herbs lead to an active interaction among customers and clients to get the best information to find the best selection of vitamins, sports nutrition, and health supplements needed to meet their health and fitness goals.

To find the best selection of vitamins, health, and nutritional supplements for a health and fitness goal, A1 has its list of the most popular supplements to help a customer choose. With an A1 review with each product, a consumer will have a general view of the product he is considering.

A1 reviews and the site encourages their customers to write a review, good or bad since it is one way of keeping tabs on the consumer. Being an online company, it can be a rather impersonal medium of business thus through the A1 reviews the company can get feedback from customers regarding its products and services.

A1 reviews can provide someone visiting the site for the first time ideas on the product as well as the company. He can get deals through clearance items listed on the site as well as news on the latest product on the market. Browsing through the testimonials as part of A1 reviews will give customer snippets of ideas of how the site has helped a lot of people reach their health and fitness goals.

Even reading A1 reviews from men in uniform serving abroad gives one an idea of how the company takes part in keeping the men serving their country a piece of home by giving them access to supplements that would have been inaccessible to them or may have been more expensive had it not been for the site. There may have been mixed up on shipping and billing addresses but all in all, it is hard to find a negative review about the company on Ai reviews.

A customer is sure to find the best selection of vitamins, health, nutritional, and even herbal supplements at where its team strives to give its customers the newest products on the market without the retail price. The site also gives the customer ideas on how to find the best selection of vitamins and supplements to meet his health fitness goals and coined them as supplement stacks or supplement combinations.

Supplement stacks or combinations are synergistic combinations that will allow a customer to reach his health and fitness goals faster. These stacks are also discussed in forums in the site’s forum section. Some of the supplement stacks are immune system stacks, muscle building stacks, weight loss stacks, and performance stacks. Availing a supplement stack will enable a customer to save time and money to find the best selection of vitamins and supplement combination for getting the best result for his fitness and health needs.

To find the best selection of vitamins and other health products online at wholesale prices is as easy as clicking on a selection on A1 Backed with a solid team of employees whose aim is to provide visitors and customers world-class customer service actually lives up to its name of being A1 and is indeed America’s favorite supplement store.