Published in: January 27, 2021

Acnexia: Best Natural Acne Scrub of the Year. Myth or Not?

There are a lot of myths that surround Acne. People believe that acne is having too many pimples on the face.

It is often believed to be caused by dirt, stress, pressures, and menstrual period. Some believe that it can even be hereditary. Some even believe that acne can be triggered when the person is so in love.

Myths and Truths about Acne

The truth however is that Acne is not just having many pimples on the face. Acne can be a combination of all or any pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, and even blisters or boils. And, contrary to the beliefs, acne is not caused by stress, dirt, menstrual period, genes, or in a state of being in love. It is actually a disease affecting the hair follicles. It can affect not only the face but even other parts of the body where hair often grows.

Acne usually begins to manifest during puberty. This is because, at this age, the oil or sebaceous glands are affected by the growth hormones. The natural oil of the skin stimulates the skin cells to protect and clogged the hair follicle or pores. This may result in a bump, enlarged hair follicle, or congested pores which are often called pimples or blackheads. Dirt, stress, menstrual period, or pressures only aggravates acne and makes it harder to be treated. It does not directly cause acne.

In further clarification, heredity does not also cause acne.

Studies have proved that not because the parents suffered from acne during their puberty or younger years, their child will also suffer from acne. What the child may inherit from his parents can be the activeness of the sebaceous glands which usually triggers the frequent signs of acne.

Signs of acne were also believed to be symptoms that a woman is about to have her menstrual period. Dermatologists explain that the menstrual period is not directly related to having pimples or other signs of acne. However, there are some women who excrete more oil when their female hormones imbalances during their menstrual stage. These women are at more risk of developing signs of acne when they are about to menstruate.

As to the state of being in love, no studies show that it causes or worsens acne. Perhaps endorphins, the hormone that causes a person to feel in love, may result in an imbalance of the hormones that can over-activate the sebaceous gland. But a more logical reason may be the association of the state of being in love to being stressed.


Another myth about acne is that it is curable. As said, acne is caused by the outburst of oil through the sebaceous glands. Every time this outburst happens, acne may re-occur. Hence, the only cure for acne perhaps is getting rid of sebaceous glands. This is impossible because the glands are vital to one’s body system.

The truth is that acne is only treatable. Thus, if a product says that it can cure acne then it is probably fooling the consumer.


If there are many myths about acne, there are also many myths about acne treatment.

Some suggest that spot acne treatment is a good treatment for acne. This is done by putting medicine directly to the pimple or the blemish found in the face or the skin. The truth however is that spot acne is not a treatment for acne at all. It is only hastening the last stage of the life-cycle of a pimple. According to studies, the life cycle of a pimple or other acne signs is about two or three weeks. The pimple or blemishes that are already visible on the skin are already the skin cells which the body has to expel. Thus, whether it will be treated or not, the same will just disappear over time.

Another suggestion for acne treatment is sweating to expel the dirt that may have clogged the pores. This is why some people who have acne resort to facial or body spa to treat their acne. However, studies prove that sweat can even aggravate acne. Sweat can increase the risk of dirt or bacterial attraction to the skin which makes acne worse.

One acne treatment, which may be true or not, is using a facial scrub. Depending on the facial scrub that is used, acne may be treated or may be worsening. If the facial scrub contains harsh ingredients, then the skin may even suffer from other skin irritation. However, there are facial scrubs that are proven safe for the skin and are proven to treat acne.

Thus, it is important to buy only acne facial scrubs that are proven safe for the skin. In fact, it would even be better to buy an acne facial scrub which is dubbed as the best natural acne facial scrub of the year. This best natural acne facial scrub of the year referred to is Acnexia.

Acnexia, best natural acne facial scrub of the year myth or not?

It is not a myth that the best natural acne facial scrub of the year is Acnexia. Reviews can seldom point a fault about this natural facial scrub product. Most Acnexia reviews only talk about how effective this 100% all natural acne facial scrub is.

Many Acnexia reviews praise how the product heals pimples, blackheads, and other signs of acne while preventing skin ruptures. Consumers also rave about how their skin improved while using the product.

These claims of consumers in their Acnexia reviews are undoubtedly true. Acnexia is made of quality natural ingredients that are proven not only safe but are actually good for the skin. Acnexia has organic aloe vera, white willow bark, and tea tree oil. These ingredients are known to aid skin ailments. Further, they have a great anti-bacterial effect that prevents infection to the skin.

In addition, Acnexia has DMAE and green tree extract which are great anti-oxidants that can purify the skin from substances that may cause signs of acne. And like other natural products, Acnexia is packed with Vitamin C that is known to protect the skin and improve the immune system.

Acnexia reviews also praise the fact that the product does not have any mineral oil, alcohol, or any other chemical products that can cause irritation or dry the skin with continued use.

In one of Acnexia reviews, the consumer commended how Acnexia helps in the process of eliminating the appearance of pimples and other signs of acne. As mentioned before, the life cycle of a pimple, blackheads, whiteheads, and other signs of acne is about two to three weeks, and that the pimple and other blemishes are only the results of the last stage of the cycle.

However, with Acnexia, the last stage of the cycle can be eliminated by using the product daily. This is because Acnexia gradually washes away the skin cells that may clog the hair follicles or the pores. Since there are no skin cells that can clog the pores, the pores will no longer form a bump or enlarge. Thus, the appearance of pimples and other signs of acne are eradicated. There is no question that Acnexia, as most Acnexia reviews claim, is the best natural acne facial scrub of the year.

The only bad comment that some Acnexia reviews have for this product is the fact that it cannot treat severe signs of acne such as boils. These severe signs of acne can only be treated with medical help.

Acnexia is a product that can be used by anyone. In fact, some dermatologists are already recommending using Acnexia when the child is about to reach puberty. With its natural ingredients, it cannot harm the sensitive skin of a young child and can prevent the appearance of signs of acne.

To achieve the best results from using Acnexia, the consumer should use the product twice a day. The consumer should not fear using this product often because it will not dry the skin. It will also not make the skin oily.

A bottle of Acnexia costs on average $30 dollars. However, one bottle can last for two to three months. This does not mean that the result can only be noticed after months of using the product. The manufacturers of Acnexia are so confident that this product is worthy of being called the best natural acne facial scrub of the year that they even offer to return the consumer’s money if they do not see the result within 7 days. In addition, they even offer a 60 days money back guarantee for every bottle purchased if Acnexia does not perform as promised.

The manufacturer of Acnexia constantly reminds the consumers that although many Acnexia reviews praise the greatness of the product against acne. Acnexia is not a cure for acne. Even if the signs of Acne were gone after trying Acnexia, it does not guarantee that signs of acne will not resurface. Hence, to maintain an acne-free face, Acnexia should be used every day.