Published in: November 25, 2020

Natural Health Source Reviews: Alteril Sleeping Pills

Are you having a hard time sleeping? Are you constantly struggling to fall asleep or worse, trying to stay asleep?

If your answer is yes to both questions then Alteril is the product that can cure your sleeping woes.

Natural Health Source provides you with products that can help you sleep better. The products available in Natural Health Source are made from the best and natural ingredients that are available. You can be sure that you can sleep well by taking their products such as Alteril without suffering from any kind of harmful side effects.

One of the products from Natural Health Source is Alteril.

What is Alteril?

Alteril is an all-natural product from Natural Health Source that can help you with your sleeping problems. This product uses the following ingredients to help you get better sleep:


Tryptophan can help your body produce vital neurotransmitters that can help regulate your sleeping and waking cycles. You can get better sleep once your body produces the right amount of neurotransmitters.


Melatonin can help balance your circadian sleep cycle. Your circadian rhythm determines if you need to sleep or wake up. Melatonin helps regulate this cycle so that your body can get the rest it needs for the day.


Valerian is a sedative that relaxes your body in a natural way. Think of an endorphin rush that relaxes your body. That is the effect that Valerian produces but it will not leave you groggy or disoriented.


Theanine aggrandizes the alpha brain waves in your brain. Alpha brain waves can help reduce anxiety and other sleep-depriving emotions. You can get a better sleep when there is the right amount of Theanine in your body.

After reading about the ingredients of this Natural Health Source product, you must be wondering what about the benefits you stand to gain when you start using this product.

Benefits of using Alteril?

This product can help promote sleep and regulate an imbalance in your body’s circadian rhythm.

You can be sure that you will be able to sleep better because of increased alpha brain wave activity in your brain. Alpha brain waves help reduce stress and will let your body relax enabling you to sleep better.

  • This product will help you feel at ease and relaxed once you take it. The relaxing feeling you get will help you sleep better and leave your worries at the door.
  • This product can help boost relaxation that leads to better sleep.
  • It can reduce the tension in your body and remove any trace of anxiety that can help you sleep better.
  • It contains a natural sedative that can help promote sleep even if you are too worried to sleep.

These are some of the benefits you can get when you buy this product from Natural Health Source. You can combine this product with other products such as the Deep Relaxation Tea and the CD that comes with it. Combining Alteril with these two products can help you sleep better and feel good.

Drinking the tea and the capsule can help create a feeling of calmness in your body. It can alleviate your worries and promote better sleep. The tea also uses all-natural ingredients such as chamomile, lavender, spearmint, lemon verbena, and linden.

The ingredients of this tea will help reduce the stress and anxiety you are feeling. They are also natural sedatives that can help you relax and fall into a deep sleep. The CD that you can use to sleep better plays a variety of low beats that can hypnotize you to sleep. The soothing sounds will help you drift away into a sleep filled the land.