Published in: January 15, 2021

BIOLUMA: Why Should You Choose BIOLUMA Eye Lash Serum?

Women who want to make their eyes look even more attractive can turn to the variety of eyelash extension procedures available today.

From stick-on eyelashes to salon extensions, there are so many options today to make your eyelashes look thicker and fuller, bringing out your eyes and framing them ever so beautifully.

Wouldn’t it be amazing, however, if you could actually lengthen your natural eyelashes so you’d never have to worry about the hassle of gluing fake ones on your lids, or spending dollars and dollars on expensive salon eyelash extensions? Fortunately, something revolutionary has been created to help you achieve thicker and fuller lashes that are truly eye-catching.

Introducing, BIOLUMA Eye Lash Serum, the only thing you will ever need to achieve those thick, sultry lashes every woman is dying for. Here’s how BIOLUMA Eye Lash can help you achieve the lashes you’ve always dreamed of.

BIOLUMA Eye Lash Serum

You can say goodbye to mascara, for BIOLUMA Eye Lash ( can provide you with clinically proven eyelash growth faster than you know it! With BIOLUMA Eye Lash, you can achieve fuller lashes in just weeks, and what’s great about this product is its versatility.

You can use it on your eyebrows as well!

BIOLUMA Eye Lash is tested to be completely effective and safe, so you don’t have to worry about any disastrous side effects.

Women who have thin and brittle lashes often think of ways to achieve that fuller lash look, packing their lashes with so much mascara, their lids begin to feel heavy. In addition to this, do you know that using mascara can block the many pores on your lids, making them more susceptible to infection? What you need is something to help you achieve thicker lashes, without all the hassles and the dangers of the many methods available today.

BIOLUMA Eye Lash is a special growth serum that can help you achieve darker, longer, and thicker lashes in just a matter of weeks. Just like your typical liquid eyeliner, BIOLUMA Eye Lash is applied the same way and just once daily. After a span of two or four weeks, you will begin to notice your eyelashes becoming fuller and thicker, all with just a simple application.

It doesn’t matter how short, brittle, sparse, or thin your lashes are. All you need is BIOLUMA Eye Lash’s scientifically researched formula to lengthen your lashes while at the same time making them thicker, darker, and fuller as well. This highly revolutionary eyelash conditioner will help you achieve lustrous lashes in just two weeks, and with its extremely safe formula, you can even use them while wearing your eyelash extensions.

Dramatic eyes are today’s irresistible trend, and in order to do this, you need thick and gorgeous lashes.

Wouldn’t it be great if your eyelashes are your own beauty accessories?

BIOLUMA Eye Lash Serum can give you luxurious lashes with the most effective, fastest-acting formula ever created in the market. Whenever your friends ask if you if you’re wearing eyelash extensions, look puzzled and say you only use BIOLUMA Eye Lash!

The Clinical Study

When it comes to selecting the most effective beauty products in the market, it is only appropriate that you select a product that’s backed up by science and proven in the medical field. To prove to you the effectiveness of BIOLUMA Eye Lash, you need to know about the grueling case study conducted to prove its efficiency. Listen up and discover how the experiment came to be.

15 subjects were randomly selected, with their ages ranging from 24 to 82. The test product used is a conditioner with 10% BIOLUMA Eye Lash 226 EL of 100ppm peptide. The subjects applied the product to their lids once every night using the eyeliner brush at the root of the lashes. The subjects were observed and analyzed and in a span of two weeks, the results were recorded. To determine the growth of their eyelashes, the SigmaScan software was used.

The Results Are In

In a span of two weeks, the subjects were observed to develop an 82% growth in eyelash density proving that BIOLUMA Eye Lash is possibly the most effective and up to date innovation in today’s cosmetic field. Subjects also developed a 25% increase in the length of their eyelashes, and a significant improvement in the thickness of the lashes was also observed.

Why Should You Choose BIOLUMA Eye Lash Serum?

Why shouldn’t you choose BIOLUMA Eye Lash when it’s the safest most effective and revolutionary eyelash serum on the market?

BIOLUMA Eye Lash is the least irritating eyelash conditioner and stimulator in the market, and it produces no negative side effects, even for the most sensitive of all eyes. BIOLUMA Eye Lash fans all say the same thing. BIOLUMA Eye Lash does give anyone thicker, darker, and more lustrous lashes in just two weeks.

Doctors say the same thing as well, BIOLUMA Eye Lash is created with a revolutionary formula that stimulates the natural growth of eyelashes, and you won’t just find this formula in just any other eyelash serum. BIOLUMA Eye Lash is the only thing you need to achieve gorgeous eyes, so you can finally say goodbye to expensive lash extensions and mascaras!

The Creators of BIOLUMA Eye Lash Serum

Eye Lash Serum is created by BIOLUMA (, a company developed in 2002 and is now a trusted and dependable name in Health and Beauty.

The Natural Products Association is a forerunner in creating some of today’s most effective but safe products that supplement people’s lives. The company’s dedication to providing top-notch beauty and health products gives them an edge over other products available in the market today.

The Natural Products Association brings you premium quality products by using today’s most updated breakthroughs in science and technology, with ingredients harvested or derived only from the best places around the world. BIOLUMA Eye Lash is one of the company’s proudest creations. Receiving raves from fans and professional cosmetic doctors from around the world, BIOLUMA Eye Lash is a truly trusted product that can give you the eyelashes that you’ve always dreamed of!

Lash Growth Accelerator

Having long and beautiful eyelashes would be easy with the use of BIOLUMA Eye Lash Lash Growth Accelerator. With promises to effectively increase your lash length within 21 days, it can become one of the best methods that you can work with for longer and thicker eyelashes. Because having such can work to adding more beauty and mystery into your whole look, BIOLUMA Eye Lash Growth Accelerator will ensure that you will achieve it in the safest and quickest way possible.

What is BIOLUMA Eye Lash Serum?

Boasting of growing your eyelashes 50% faster than normal eyelash growth products, BIOLUMA Eye Lash Growth Accelerator works well against the competition by effectively living up to its promises. You might have encountered a lot of products in the past that have guaranteed to lengthen and thicken the growth of your eyelashes, but they have managed to fall short of your expectations. This is because most of these products have missed out on certain things that make eye lash growth possible.

First thing that one must look into is the ingredients that such manufacturers put into their products. Because some of the ingredients on these other products are chemical and do not react well to the body’s natural eyelash growth patterns, it ends up impeding the growth of eyelashes. Other products manage to make it work, but the results do not last long, because the forced hair growth remains weak and unhealthy. BIOLUMA Eye Lash Growth Accelerator is composed of natural ingredients that were formulated by physicians to aid in quick and natural lash growth.

Because it is all natural, one will no longer have fears of having to use it on their eyes. Because the eye area is one of the most sensitive parts of the face to put products on, it makes for a scary venture to just try out random beauty and wellness products, which are often tested first on other parts of the body. BIOLUMA Eye Lash Growth Accelerator keeps you from dealing with irritations or other allergic reactions that will not just affect the skin, but could also impair eyelash growth, not to mention irritate the delicate eye area and even affect vision.

How to Make the BIOLUMA Eye Lash Growth Accelerator Work

Like most beauty products, the BIOLUMA Eye Lash Growth Accelerator is often used at night when one goes to bed. Because this is the best time for the body to regenerate and restore itself into repairing the normal body compositions like cells, BIOLUMA Eye Lash Growth Accelerator will work on lengthening the eyelashes while you sleep. Just go and apply it on your lids, which will not feel any sting because physicians have managed to make it workable to that area, and it will go ahead and nourish eyelash growth while you sleep.

The mascara wand will resemble normal mascara, but the solution is actually like clear water and gel being placed onto your lashes. It is a pleasant feeling, and will not leave you worried that it might soak into your eyes and cause damage.

In 21 days, the results will be visible. It will work slowly but surely, and will give you results faster than other eye lash growers in the market. The BIOLUMA Eye Lash Growth Accelerator also works on eyebrows, if you want them to grow thicker. With a nine month supply of BIOLUMA Eye Lash Growth Accelerator, one can also guarantee that the whole system will lead into longer, thicker and beautiful eyelashes. No more need for complicated makeup rituals like application of mascara, eyeliner, and other products for the illusion of having longer eyelashes, because the BIOLUMA Eye Lash Growth Accelerator is here to aid you with it.

Concerns about BIOLUMA

A person’s pair of eyes is the one of the best assets one can have especially if these eyes, along with the skin surrounding them and the eye lashes are healthy and glowing. These eyes will surely grab anyone’s attention. But as people grow old, changes can occur that may affect the full appearance and impact of the person and his pair of eyes to everyone that he will bump into while walking down the streets.

Some of the results of growing old are sagging skin around the eyes, developing of wrinkles and even the shortness and brittleness of the eye lashes. But there is one company that offers remedies to these problems that can give effective results more than just by wearing make up. These products can work with make up and would not affect any daily regime mainly because these can be applied quickly. Also, these products are not only made for women but also for men. Therefore, men can now take care of their eyes the way women do.

The manufacturer is known as BIOLUMA and the products they create include Eye Lid Lift, Eye Tightener, Collagen & Q10 and Eye Lash Accelerator. All of these products have been proven to work out the way customers want them to. Most customers who use these products have been satisfied with its instant effects and the absence of pain with the applications. Also, these products are sold at affordably reasonable prices.

So for customers who are interested to buy these products but are still in doubt, here are some common queries or last minute questions of buyers before purchasing any of the products. One of the many concerns of buyers is the number of days concerning shipping of products. Products are expected to be shipped within three working days if the buyer is located in the United Kingdom, five to six working days if the buyer resides in Europe, and within eight working days anywhere else in the world.

The next concern is whether or not the producers deliver worldwide. The answer is yes, BIOLUMA ships their products worldwide with shipment fees as follows: £3.95 within UK, £7.95 in Europe and £9.95 for shipment in other parts of the world. Another concern is if there are physical stores that sell BIOLUMA products. Unfortunately, at this moment, BIOLUMA products are only made available online but can be shipped directly to customers. But there’s some good news, especially for people residing in London. Starting November, BIOLUMA products will be available in Harrods and Selfridges and other physical stores worldwide will follow.

Credit card is one form of payment that interested buyers can use to purchase BIOLUMA products, but other forms of payments are recognized. Customers can pay through PayPal through mybongo-store. They can also send a cheque to the address provided in the manufacturer’s official website. If a customer is paying through cheque, he is advised to write his name and address at the back of the cheque.

Growing old is a normal process and everyone goes through it; but it doesn’t mean that a person will have to go with the flow and let old age take away such beautiful pair of eyes, through ruining the skin surrounding them or letting eye lashes become short and brittle. BIOLUMA has made and distributed products that can help out solve these problems without having to undergo painful, risky and expensive surgeries. All that needs to be done is to order online and the product will be in your hands after payment is received by the sellers.