Published in: January 27, 2021

Colovexus Colon Cleansing Process: A Review

Studies show that the number of people who are overweight increases every day despite the introduction of many varieties of diets and routine exercises that promises rapid weight loss in just weeks.

There are no objections that observing proper diet and exercise is the best way to lose weight. But sometimes, even how much a person observes proper diet or exercises, he still cannot completely lose his excess weight.

There are many causes why other persons have difficulty losing in spite of observing proper diet and exercise. It can be caused by genes, way of living, or disease.  According to studies, obesity or overweight can be genetic. If the parents are obese or can easily gain weight, the child will have a high probability to be obese or overweight.

The other known cause of the difficulty of losing weight is a disease. Some disease, such as diabetes mellitus and polycystic ovarian syndrome makes it difficult for the person to lose their weight because the disease affects their metabolism.

Further, ways of living can also affect weight loss. No matter how much a person tries to observe a proper diet or do routine exercise if there are many vices in his way of life, he may never achieve his ideal weight.

Nowadays, more and more dieticians and doctors recommend living a clean and healthy lifestyle. Not all diets and exercise which promise weight loss fits a clean and healthy lifestyle.  Some of the diets may result in weight loss but can damage the digestive and other tissues of the body. Thus, diet and exercise are not enough to losing weight the healthy way.  The body must also be cleansed of toxins in order to reach the optimum weight loss.

One way of cleansing the toxins from the body is by cleaning the colon. Studies show that the excess weight that appears to be impossible to lose is actually the feces that were trapped in the colon.

According to studies, every time the food is processed by the digestive system, the solid waste is being pushed through the colon and turns into feces. If the colon will not totally be cleansed of all the feces, the left feces will be pushed to the large intestine walls. Over time, it will harden. Thus, the more feces that are left during digestion, the heavier the colon becomes.  No amount of exercise or proper diet can totally cleanse the colon.

The average weight of an adult colon is about 2 pounds.  With the addition of the accumulated feces that are stuck in the colon, it can weigh up to 50 pounds, which is about one-third of the normal weight of an adult person. And these excess pounds cannot be eliminated by diet and exercise.  It has to be flushed out of the body.

There are now available colon cleansers in the market

They all claim to be the best colon cleanser for weight loss.  Some of them are natural and some are synthetic.  These colon cleanser supplements claim to be the best colon cleanser for weight loss because just a few dosages of the supplement, the hardened feces in the large intestine are broken down. Thus, the body flushes out more toxins and feces, making the colon cleaner and lighter.  Hence, a person using a colon cleanser supplement can experience an average of 10 to 15 pounds weight loss in just a few weeks depending on the number of toxins that were trapped in his colon.

One of the colon cleansers that claim to be the best colon cleanser for weight loss is Colovexus. Reviews about this product rave about the good and proven benefits of taking the same.

Colovexus is a colon cleanser product

Actually, it can also be referred to as a process because using the product involves two processes: Detoxification and purification.

The detoxification or cleansing process is done by taking Colovexus Stage 1 Formula Pills.  The recommended dose for a patient is 2 pills a day.

Each pill is made from 9 ingredients that are tested to cleanse the body of toxins thoroughly.  It has Oatvantange, Viscofiber, Plant phytosterols, Fibersole- 2, Littese, Linumlife, Probiotic Hardistrain, Vitaveggie, and Vitaberrie.  These ingredients are patented and proven to completely detoxify and cleanse the body.

Combined, these ingredients become powerful anti-oxidants and colon cleansers that do not only cleanse the colon and the digestive system but also improve the function of the colon.  In addition, these ingredients also help in lowering cholesterol and aid the cleansing of the liver and the kidney.  They also reduce and prevent bacteria and parasites from living in the digestive system or another body system.

The purification and the nourishing process, on the other hand, is done by taking Colovexus Stage 2 Formula Pills. Again, the recommended dosage is 2 tablets a day.  Each pill has Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Magnesium oxide, and Lactobacillus Acidophilus that improves the body’s immune system and promotes regular bowel movement.

Other powerful natural ingredients such as Dandelion roots, pomegranate, uva ursi, cranberries, and acai are also added to the Stage 2 Formula to completely purify the body, especially the colon, and to replenish the body with nutrients that may have been flushed out with the feces.

According to some Colovexus reviews from consumers, who cannot seem to lose the last pounds to achieve their ideal weight, this product is probably the best colon cleanser for weight loss.  Most of these consumers claimed that only five or ten days from using the product, they already lost the nasty excess pounds they have been trying so long to get rid of.

Aside from losing weight, some Colovexus reviews also praise the fact that when the consumers used the product, they definitely experience the process of cleansing.  Some claim that they defecate regularly and also excrete more feces.  Further, after losing the excess pounds caused by the excess toxins in the colon, Colovexus also prevents the re-accumulation of the feces on the colon.  Thus, there is no way that the consumers of this product will re-acquire the nasty excess pounds.

In some Colovexus reviews, consumers report that not only that the product helps in losing weight but it is also a good laxative.  Many varieties of diets and exercise can cause constipation.  Usually, this is due to the fact that the body lacks fluids.  Consumers of Colovexus claims that following the daily dose of the product made their bowel movement regular.  They no longer have to use synthetic laxatives.  The more they use Colovexus, the lesser they experience constipation.

In another good Colovexus review, the product reviewer claimed that his weight was not only reduced but he also noticed that his abdomen was flattened.  He also experiences a less bloated feeling after using the product.  Some consumers also claim that the Colovexus process made it easier for them to control their appetites.  Further, they also noticed an improvement in their metabolism.  Thus, losing weight and maintaining a fit and healthy body became easier.

In some medical Colovexus review, doctors and dietician highly recommend the use of the product because of its 100% all natural ingredients.  Also, the ingredients contained in the product are those that only about 5% of the people are allergic to.  Hence, it is very safe to use by anyone.  Furthermore, doctors and dietician recommends this product for those patients who have problems with their colon as it can prevent colon tumors and colon cancer.  Some Colovexus reviews claim that using colon cleansers also reduced the symptoms of colon cancer patients.  With this, the product is worthy to be called the best colon cleanser for weight loss.

Consumers should know, however, that Colovexus is not a diet pill.  Some consumers believe that since the product significantly reduces weight, it is already a diet pill.  Manufacturers of the product maintain that although Colovexus does make one person lose his excess pounds, it is not a product for losing weight.  It is actually a product that helps improve one’s a health and weight loss is only the effect of such improvement.

Thus, it is still recommended that aside from undergoing the Colovexus process, the consumer should still observe proper diet and exercises to achieve the ideal weight and maintain a fit and healthy body.  A high-fiber diet is best recommended to complete the clean colon lifestyle.  One should drink lots of water, 8 glasses or more, to both help in flushing the toxins and replenishing the body fluid.

So, for those who want to live a healthy lifestyle and maintain their fit and healthy body, the Colovexus process should be incorporated into their daily routine.  One can avail of this product from television shopping networks or from ordering online.

The average price of Colovexus is $39 dollars for two month supply.  However, discount prices are also available if the consumer will buy the product in packages or in bulk.  The manufacturers of Colovexus are so confident about their product that they even offer a 90-day money-back guarantee if the consumer does not approve that the product is the best colon cleanser for weight loss.