Published in: January 22, 2021

Confitrol24: What is, How it works, Ingredients, Benefits, Side Effects, and Where to buy it?

Confitrol24 can keep your bladder and urinary tract functioning at optimal health. This product uses a specialized and clinically tested formula designed to support the bladders of both men and women and it is ideal for aging individuals.

Confitrol24: What is, How it works, Ingredients, Benefits, Side Effects, and Where to buy it?

The bladder is an organ in the human body that is responsible for collecting urine excreted by the kidneys before urination. The human bladder is made up of muscles and is hollow and elastic. It expands as urine is collected through the ureters. During urination when the urine exits the urethra, the bladder goes back to its normal size.

A normal bladder can contain 400 to 500 milliliters of fluid. The muscles of the bladder wall must be kept toned and strong to allow it to function at its maximum capacity. However, as people grow older, it is inevitable for the bladder to weaken therefore making urination more frequent. As people age, the muscles also age, and that includes the muscles of the bladder. Also, if the bladder is not treated correctly, it may result in infections and a weakened bladder capacity.

An uncontrolled bladder can be very inconvenient especially when you are traveling or when you are in a very important meeting. Bladder control can be a big issue for people, especially for mature adults. It can affect the way people work and the way people deal with others. But you should not let an uncontrolled bladder disrupt your schedule.

Treat Your Bladder Right With Confitrol24 Bladder Support

If you have already tried different ways to deal with incontinence but none of them seem to work, you have to consider buying Confitrol24 bladder control. Instead of letting your bladder control issue take its toll on your self-esteem, you have to try using a product that can safely strengthen your bladder. Here are some interesting facts about how Confitrol24 works and how it can put an end to your embarrassing bladder control problems.

What is Confitrol24?

Confitrol24 works as a natural dietary supplement that can strengthen the bladder and improve the overall health of your urinary tract. It is effective and safe for everyone, especially for adults. By taking it on a regular basis, you can finally deal with incontinence and put an end to its embarrassing effects. When used together with exercises that can strengthen the muscles of your bladder, it can improve the function of your bladder and lower your frequency of experiencing accidents.

Leading Edge Health, a reputable company that produces high-quality supplements, is responsible for the discovery of Confitrol24 bladder control. All the products they have released had to pass strict guidelines and requirements. All the raw materials they use have also been tested for purity before being subjected to production. If ever one of their products fails to live up to their strict requirements, their quality control officials can reject it during the production process.

How does Confitrol24 work?

Confitrol24 uses Raw horsetail and Cratevox as its active ingredients. Both of these botanical ingredients have been used since ancient times to improve the health of the urinary tract. After undergoing years of clinical research, they were considered as safe and effective means of strengthening the urinary tract and improving the function of the entire excretory system. Clinical studies have also shown noticeable improvements in the urinary frequency and health of subjects who took Confitrol24 on a regular basis.

Confitrol24 works in different ways. It calms your bladder to improve the quality of urinary flow and prevents pain or discomfort during urination. It also strengthens the muscles in the bladder, soothes inflammation and cramping, and reduces the size of enlarged prostates.

Confitrol24 Ingredients

What does each ingredient do?

Raw horsetail (Equisetum)

Horsetail is an alternative remedy that controls bladder spasms thanks to its silicon content.

Raw horsetail, in addition to being a powerful diuretic, helping to eliminate toxins and preventing infection and urinary incontinence, also helps in the wound healing process because it is a great source of silica, improving the appearance of hair and nails, and can act to improve acne by decreasing skin oiliness.

Its antioxidant action helps in the elimination of free radicals that are harmful agents to the organism and by speeding up the metabolism and helping in the elimination of liquids (when there is excess), the slimming power is also attributed to Confitrol24.

Lindera Aggregata

Lindera Aggregata has been used to treat excess urine and urinary tract infections. Lindera Aggregata improves the performance of smooth muscle and therefore can improve the tone of the sphincter and bladder.

Lindera can help get rid of invading bacteria and viruses. This means that it can help with colds and other viral and bacterial infections due to its antibacterial and antiviral capacity.

Studies have also found that Lindera Aggregata contains powerful antioxidants such as Apigenin, Norisoboldine (NOR), Magnolol, Honokiol, and Luteolin, and a new antioxidant compound called “U”. Therefore, all of these antioxidants have the ability to get rid of free radicals, cure DNA damage, prevent disease in general and slow down the aging process.


Crataeva is widely used in Indian Ayurvedic medicine to relieve and prevent bladder, kidney, and urinary system problems. In addition, the plant is effective in prostate hypertrophy, cystitis, and kidney stones.

The action on these pathologies is mainly due to active principles present in the plant such as glucosinolates, flavonoids, plant sterols such as lupeol, tannins, and saponins.

For kidney-related pathologies, Crataeva Nurvala tea is used to improve the tone of the tissue surrounding the bladder and, thus, decrease the volume of urine left in the organ.

In addition, the plant is able to reduce urinary frequency and can help end infections such as cystitis.

What are the benefits of using Confitrol24?

Confitrol24 will help you in so many ways. You can be sure that the product will help relieve your bladder problems.

Here is a list of benefits that will entice you to use the product:

  • Confitrol24 uses natural ingredients to prevent your bladder from infections and diseases such as urinary tract infection.
  • It will improve your bladder health and prevent you from going to the bathroom frequently.
  • The product will improve the muscles of your sphincter and urethra for longer bladder control.
  • You can be sure that the product will help you resume your regular activities because you will no longer have to go to the bathroom often.
  • Fewer bathroom breaks for maximum efficiency.

These are a fistful of benefits that you can gain from using Confitrol24. The product will ensure bladder health that keeps your entire body healthy. Having a healthy bladder is important because it expels the dirt and bad chemicals in your body. The more it effectively operates the better your health will be.

What makes Confitrol24 so effective?

Confitrol24 is a potent supplement that helps ensure bladder health. It uses natural ingredients such as Raw horsetail, Lindera Aggregata, and Cratevox. These three ingredients and other natural extracts make up Confitrol24. The natural blend of ingredients will help your body stay strong and healthy. Your bladder health will see marked improvement once you start using this product on a regular basis.

Your bladder health is important because your bladder expels the excess liquid and dirt from your body. Your body will be able to stay healthy once it removes excess liquid and other chemicals from your body. The product will help tone and strengthen the muscles in your sphincter and urethra. The muscle contractions of your urethra and sphincter will help expel the excess liquid and dirt from your body.

Does it cause potential side effects?

Since Confitrol24 is entirely created from natural and food-based ingredients, your body can easily process it without producing harmful toxins and poisons. In fact, no side effects are associated with the use of this supplement until today. However, those who are already taking medications or prescriptions for bladder control issues may need to consult their doctors before using Confitrol24. This way, you can ask your physician if Confitrol24 is safe to use with other medications.

Does it have a money-back guarantee?

Just like other products manufactured by Leading Edge Health, Confitrol24 is also protected by the company’s well-defined refund policy. This is the result of their efforts to prevent customers from becoming victims of ineffective and fake bladder control medication.

Thanks to their money-back guarantee, you can easily purchase this product without any worries. If ever you were unsatisfied with Confitrol24 in any way, you can contact their customer service department and ask them for authorization to return their merchandise. They will automatically reimburse your payment and send the money directly to your credit card.

The refund policy that aims to protect the buyers of Confitrol24 also gave it an edge over other products that claim to cure incontinence. It is a strong indication of how confident Leading Edge Health is with their all-natural supplement for improved bladder control. With a bottle of Confitrol24, you can take advantage of natural ingredients that are clinically proven to boost the overall health of the urinary tract and bladder.

Where to buy it?

Visit the website and place your order today, the company is offering a mega discount for new customers. You can have your order shipped directly to your house. You can start using your own Confitrol24 to improve the health of your bladder.


The product will help you control your bladder and improve your health. You can be sure that the product will deliver the results that you have been looking for. Confitrol24 will make your life better and easier.