Published in: May 1, 2021

Does Ketone Balance Duo Really Work

Ketone Balance Duo is an excellent weight loss supplement produced by Evolution Slimming Ltd. This unique and latest addition to a wide range of slimming products by the company has been quite effective for weight management.

The main reason for the success of this weight loss supplement has been the combination of two key ingredients used in most weight loss supplements. These two ingredients, Green coffee bean extract, and Raspberry ketones are helpful and beneficial for losing weight. Due to the perfect blend of these ingredients, Ketone Balance Duo has the ability to increase your metabolic rate and burn more fat.

At the beginning of 2012, two breakthrough supplements were launched in the market. These included Green Coffee Bean Extract and Raspberry Ketones. They were able to take the weight loss market by storm. In fact, these supplements were able to help millions of people lose weight in a natural and healthy manner.

Ketone Balance Duo has been specifically designed to help you burn some extra fat. It combines the features of these two weight loss supplements with an innovative formula. Thus, it stimulates your metabolism and helps your body burn a lot of fat. It also helps your body produce more energy.

General Benefits of Ketone Balance Duo

  • It helps you lose a lot of weight safely and naturally;
  • It oxidizes stubborn fat in your body;
  • It reduces excess mass in your body;
  • It provides a significant amount of energy to your body;
  • It boosts your body’s metabolic rate;
  • It comes with a money back guarantee.

How does Ketone Balance Duo work

As mentioned earlier, Ketone Balance Duo is an exceptional combination of Green Coffee Beans Extract and Raspberry Ketones. Ketone Balance Duo weight loss supplement contains fat-burning properties of both unroasted coffee beans and red raspberries. As a result, this weight loss supplement helps you easily shed some extra pounds.

Unroasted coffee beans and red raspberries have always been known for their weight loss properties. Moreover, they have been a subject of many studies and researches by medical experts. According to these studies and researches, both these ingredients in Ketone Balance Duo increase your metabolic rate, energy levels and help your body burn more fat.

Raspberry ketones have always been known for their ability to break down fat in a natural and healthy manner. Moreover, they also reduce your body fat by melting fat deposits in your body. In addition to this, Green Coffee beans extract also increases your metabolic rate significantly. With so much increase in your metabolic rate, your body will be burning fat rapidly.

Ketone Balance Duo also contains caffeine in a safe quantity. In fact, the quantity of caffeine is adequate to help you lose weight, but not experience any jittering feeling associated with caffeine. Caffeine acts as a catalyst and speeds up the process of fat burning when combined with a proper workout and healthy diet.

Effects of Raspberry Ketone & Green Coffee Extracts Together

Raspberry Ketones in this weight loss supplement helps your body break fat more efficiently. Moreover, Raspberry ketones make sure that your body burns fat at a rapid rate. On the other hand, the perfect mix of Raspberry ketones with unroasted coffee beans extract makes sure that this weight loss supplement is rich in Chlorogenic acid.

With the presence of Chlorogenic acid in your body, the discharge of glucose into your bloodstream is inhibited. Since chlorogenic acid slows down the absorption of glucose in your bloodstream, absorption of fat is also significantly reduced. Chlorogenic acid is also believed to cause the liver to metabolize fat at a much faster pace. In addition to this, green coffee beans also have antioxidant properties. Thus, they also improve your overall health.

Key Ingredients in Ketone Balance Duo

  • Raspberry Ketone (200 mg) – Breaks down fat deposits, increases the fat burning capacity of the body, and burns extra fat;
  • Green Coffee Beans Extract (200 mg) – Acts as a powerful antioxidant, boosts your metabolic rate, keeps you sharp and active;
  • Green Tea Extracts (200 mg) – Stimulates metabolism and helps you burn more fat;
  • Guarana Extract – Acts as an appetite suppressant and stimulates metabolism;
  • Other ingredients include Chromium Picolinate, L-Carnitine, and Vitamin B12.

The best part about Ketone Balance Duo is that it does not have any side effects. It has been tested in many high-tech labs and no side effects have been reported yet.