Published in: January 4, 2021

Does Working Out Twice A Day Raise Metabolism?

Metabolism is a property every living being possesses. Described as the ability of an organism to convert food into energy, it is vital in terms of providing energy for all life processes.

But it is also getting attention from casual observers and fitness freaks because of its ability to keep excess weight off.

But the main problem people have is the fact that metabolism actually decreases with age. There are different ways and methods developed that supposedly increase metabolism. One metabolism-increasing method always being mentioned is performing workouts.

But does working out twice a day raise metabolism?

The best way to answer this question is to take a look at the reason why workouts can increase your metabolism, to begin with. And really, there are different ways in which workouts heighten up one’s metabolic rate.

1. Workouts use up energy

It’s being said time and again that you don’t lose weight by sitting around. By working out, you activate just about every part of your body. Remember that when you’re moving around, your body consumes energy.

And the higher the intensity of your workouts, the you conceivably use more energy. And on empirical terms, increased energy consumption is a sign of increased metabolism.

This is the reason why increased physical activity in the form of working out increases one’s metabolism. And if you do workouts twice daily, it’s easy to envision a further increase in metabolism.

2. Workouts develop muscles

Any type of exercise develops muscles. This is because constant activity increases both muscle tissue size and number. This multiplication is reflected by increased muscle mass on the parts being worked out.

With increased muscle volume, metabolism can conceivably be increased. This is because muscle tissues consume more energy compared to other tissues, even while at rest. Because of this, a developed musculature actually increases metabolism in a dramatic way.

3. Workouts provide an extra metabolic boost

After a workout, a marked increase in metabolism is observed. A phenomenon called by fitness experts “afterburn”, this is reflected by a heightened level of metabolism hours after having workouts.

In fact, this increased metabolic rate lasts hours, and even a few days after working out. This increased rate is a great way to burn at least a hundred calories a day passively. And with increased intensity and frequency of workouts, the afterburn effect is increased.

As you have just seen above, there are many ways workouts can increase one’s metabolism. Even better, this metabolic increase happens both actively and passively. And these effects can be further increased by increasing the frequency of working out.

Because of this, it’s very easy to conclude that working out twice increases metabolism. But of course, everything must be kept under moderation. It takes time to develop a peak condition, and it is only during this time when working out twice a day becomes advisable.

Last but not least, one must provide himself/herself enough rest. You must give your body enough time to recover to prevent either injuries or illnesses.