Published in: April 30, 2021

Some Interesting Facts About Awesome Green Coffee

First and foremost, it is important to first differentiate the facts about Awesome Green Coffee Bean Extract from the myths that surround other green coffee products.

To start with, this product prides itself on having a whopping 50% Chlorogenic Acid content when compared against other competitors that have much lower concentrations of twenty to forty percent concentration levels.

Chlorogenic Acid is a phenolic and antioxidant compound that’s found in the leaves, fruits, and skins of a number of plants including the so-called “fruits” or unroasted green coffee beans of the Coffee Arabica.

Raw coffee beans are by far the most abundant source of this compound, even though it gets destroyed once the coffee bean is roasted. As a matter of fact, it is this particular ingredient that makes the Awesome Green Coffee Bean Extract a very effective supplement for issues such as weight loss and the control of hypertension.

Chlorogenic acid controls issues such as weight loss by effectively inhibiting the release of glucose in the body but increases the rate of fat burning or metabolism in the liver. These two actions combine together to ensure that there is very minimal absorption of fat and this has the effect of controlling the amount of weight a person can gain. Chlorogenic acid has also been found to greatly reduce the body fat percentage, manages and lowers cholesterol levels while also helping in the maintenance of a healthy blood sugar level.

How effective is the Product?

To ensure that both manufacturers and resellers of this green bean extract are not just putting across unwarranted and untested positive effects of the product so as to dupe or scam potential users, several studies have been carried out all over the world to either prove or refute the above-mentioned assertions. These studies did not start the other day; way back in 2007 a study carried out in Norway ascertained that chlorogenic acid has a very significant effect on both the absorption and subsequent utilization of glucose from an individual’s diet.

Another study that was presented by Joe Vinson, Ph. D and his colleagues to the largest scientific society known as the American Chemical Society during its 243rd National Meeting and Exposition noted that a group of overweight individuals who consumed a small fraction of an ounce of ground green coffee beans every day during the testing period did lose about ten percent of their body weight during the period.

It is also worth noting that even though the participants took the coffee bean extracts half an hour before meals and three times every day, they did not change their exercise regimens or eating habits; this implies that even though it is true that leading a healthy lifestyle is imperative, the Awesome Green Coffee Extract is not a product that will demand that you skip meals, starve yourself or get into extreme exercise programs. It is also quite interesting to note that the participants in this particular study also saw a sixteen percent drop in their total body fat when they completed the experiment. This particular experiment lasted 22 weeks.

The famous Dr. Oz Show also decided to run its own experiment so as to confirm the efficacy of this particular product. Deploying its medical unit, it had 100 women enrolled in their study, and the experiment period was two weeks. After 14 days the results were quite profound, women who were taking green coffee bean extracts were found to have lost 2 pounds whereas women who are taking inactive pills lost a mere one pound.

Unlike what many people believe, even though Awesome Green Coffee Bean Extract has caffeine, it is not the caffeine that is responsible for weight loss. As a matter of fact, the product only has a paltry 20mg of caffeine per serving when compared against the over 100mg per serving that you get from a cup of coffee. Further to this, the product is 100% natural and there have been no documented side effects worth mentioning over the period. Apart from normal warnings to people who are allergic to caffeine or those who are under 18 years who are encouraged to seek advice from a physician before using the product since no testing has been carried out on people below the age of 18.

Where can you get it?

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