Published in: April 13, 2021

Understanding Glucomannan for Cholesterol

Glucomannan is a popular Chinese medicine that has been used for centuries. It was later used as a food additive and as a thickener when cooking Asian dishes like tofu recipes and noodle meals.

Understanding Glucomannan for Cholesterol

Glucomannan for cholesterol is now a dietary and weight loss supplement. It is an extract from the roots of the konjac plant that is native to Asia. It is rich in fibers. Its ability to absorb water and not dissolve in it makes it a potent ingredient in diet pills and supplements to make the weight loss process faster. It is not digested by the body. Studies show that it is an effective weight loss agent, helps lower your cholesterol levels, and aids in the treatment of diabetes.

Being rich in fiber, the digestive system benefits greatly from this substance, thus it is said to effectively alleviate constipation and stomach ache.

The Benefits

Glucomannan has a lot of benefits. In Asia, it is widely used as a spice that adds flavor to a lot of popular Asian cuisines. In Japan, it is widely used to spice up their noodle dishes. On the other hand, in China, it is used in duck stews.

Medically, it is known to effectively reduce bad cholesterol levels in the blood. Diabetics will greatly benefit from it also as it helps in normalizing blood sugar levels. It is also an effective weight loss supplement.

The following are a more detailed discussion of the supplement’s benefits to your health:

  • Relief from Constipation – Glucomannan is rich in fiber. It is soluble, making it an ideal treatment to ease constipation. Studies show that taking supplements to treat constipation resulted in more frequent bowel movements thus improving “colonic ecology”.
  • An Aid in Weight Loss – The issue of obesity is a huge concern in the country alone. Young and old alike, male or female, have weight problems. Glucomannan, being insoluble in water, will turn into a gel when it comes in contact with water or liquid. It can absorb more than 50% of its weight. You will feel fuller longer thus decreasing your cravings so eat less. This will help you lose excess pounds, at the same time helps maintain your ideal weight.
  • Helps Lower Cholesterol Levels in the Blood – Studies have also revealed that Glucomannan supplements can help decrease bad cholesterol levels while increasing good cholesterol.
  • Diabetes Treatment – Recent studies have shown that it is beneficial for type 2 diabetes treatment. Taking Glucomannan supplements will help control blood glucose levels without having any effect at all on your blood’s insulin levels.
  • Glucomannan supplement also helps regulate your blood pressure.

Supplements with Glucomannan have no reported harmful side effects as only natural ingredients are used. Here is a list of some of the minor reported side effects of taking the supplement:

  • The feeling of always having a full stomach
  • Bowel movement increase
  • Diarrhea
  • Gas

Dietary and weight loss supplements that are made from natural ingredients are said to be safe. While this may be true, consulting with your doctor before taking anything is a must, especially if you are taking other medications for any medical condition.