Published in: May 5, 2021

Green Coffee Bean Max also helps boost health

For coffee lovers all over the world, enjoying coffee means roasting the beans to perfection to get that full flavor and heavenly aroma.

However, there is another aspect of coffee that is gaining popularity because it helps people lose weight and it offers several health benefits. Green Coffee Bean Max is the leading green coffee bean product to harness the power and effectiveness of this new and exciting discovery.

Green coffee beans are essentially coffee beans that have not been roasted; these are the brightly colored coffee berries freshly picked off the coffee plant. The traditional practice is for coffee beans to be roasted at around 475 degrees Fahrenheit, giving them their deep brown color and sweet, satisfying aroma. The roasting process, however, destroys most of the botanicals and antioxidants that help people lose weight and enjoy better health. These substances are extracted directly from the bean at the core of a green coffee berry.

Sometime in 2011, an American researcher from the University of Scranton, Dr. Joe Vinson tested the effects of green coffee bean extract on his subjects. To one group he administered a small dose of the extract; to another, he gave a high dose of the extract. To a third group he gave a placebo. Dr. Vinson observed that the subjects given the green coffee bean extract lost weight, and they lost more weight as more of the substance was given to them. The subjects given the placebos did not lose any weight at all.

The core ingredient of green coffee extract is a substance called chlorogenic acid

This is a natural compound found in many different plants but is quite abundant in coffee. One of the characteristics of chlorogenic acid is that it inhibits blood glucose levels so that the body must get its energy from stored fat cells. This results in weight loss. This natural weight loss mechanism is the principle that powers Green Coffee Bean Max. The pure coffee bean extract in Green Coffee Bean Max prevents the body from absorbing fat while at the same time it also stimulates the liver to metabolize fat cells and convert them into energy for the body. The chlorogenic acid also helps increase body heat — a process known as thermogenesis — a natural process that burns away fat for energy.

Besides helping to burn fat away to facilitate weight loss, Green Coffee Bean Max also helps boost health. Chlorogenic acid is a natural anti-oxidant, a substance that fights stress, delays the aging of the cells, and helps fight some forms of cancer.

Green Coffee Bean Max is the best product for weight loss and improved health. It is made from 100 percent pure coffee beans, with no artificial additives. It is absolutely safe to use and guaranteed effective. If you purchase Green Coffee Bean Max, your order comes with three incredible bonuses. First, you are automatically enrolled in the Weight Management Club, an online weight management and fitness program that will help you lose weight and stay fit. You also get a free e-book that shares proven secrets to weight loss. And finally, you will receive a free MP3 with soothing sounds, relaxing music, and powerful positive hypnotic suggestions by a skilled hypnotherapist.