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MuscleMilk is currently recognized as one of the premier sport nutrition providers in the United States.

Founded in 1998 as a family-run business by Greg Pickett and his son Mike in Benicia, California, MuscleMilk has evolved into a highly-regarded manufacturer of sports-oriented nutritional products in powder, shake, and bar form. The manufacturer’s goal is to introduce nutritional supplements that work safely and effectively not only for athletes but also for individuals who have adopted generally healthier lifestyles.

In this endeavor, MuscleMilk has succeeded as evidenced by its extensive line of protein-enhanced products that gave physically active individuals the nutrients they need, but with none of the awful taste traditionally associated with such products. MuscleMilk also prides itself on its products being completely devoid of controversial and potentially harmful performance-enhancing drugs as guaranteed by their extensive quality control procedures in each phase of production.

The best way to gauge the performance of MuscleMilk in the open market is through the different reviews. Even with the manufacturer’s claims of continuing efforts to provide exactly what people need to maintain a healthier way of life, only the customers who have used MuscleMilk products for themselves know for sure whether or not the company started up by Greg and Mike Pickett has delivered on its promises. Opinions have of course differed particularly in the areas of effectiveness and cost, but many of these same people continue to regard MuscleMilk as a bona fide leader in the dietary supplement industry.

Most of the MuscleMilk reviews talk about the premier sports nutrition manufacturer’s many products. The most popular among these products is Muscle Milk which combines a milkshake-like taste with the nutrients that benefit individuals in the areas of stamina and muscle growth to allow for extended physical activity. Despite the name, Muscle Milk has no actual milk whatsoever. The product is thusly named simply because its natural components that contribute to muscle growth—namely proteins, peptides, and amino acids—are also found in human mothers’ breast milk.

The manufacturer’s strict adherence to the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 ensures Muscle Milk and all other MuscleMilk products have no lactose, gluten, aspartame, or any other components that could do more harm than good. Like most other MuscleMilk products, Muscle Milk comes in three different consumable forms for greater convenience so you are sure to get the same results from either a ready-to-drink shake or energy bar you can bring with you anywhere or a powdered beverage you can prepare at home.

Muscle Milk’s different flavors are chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, mocha joe, root beer, and banana cream, and the taste and smell of each flavor very closely replicate those of the real thing, thus making it much easier to eat or drink than a host of other commercially available supplements according to the reviews.

Traditional protein-enhanced products are to be consumed at different times during the day depending on their composition. Pure whey protein is best consumed after every workout, protein shakes are ideal for drinking before going to sleep, and protein blends are for every other opportunity. Muscle Milk eliminates the need for people to spend more on varying types of protein-enhanced products by giving them one which they can consume both at bedtime and during most of the day. Although some fitness experts believe Muscle Milk is not a good post-workout source for protein because of its nutritional composition, the fact that it can still satisfy the human body’s need for protein at other times during the day makes it a viable choice during all non-workout instances.

The various MuscleMilk reviews focusing on Muscle Milk praise the product for being an excellent source of protein although the same amount of protein may be reportedly gleaned from smaller quantities of similar products offered by the premier sports nutrition manufacturer’s competitors. Muscle Milk has nonetheless garnered favorable customer feedback because of the effective combination of its various aspects: overall nutritional value, convenient modes of consumption, and great taste which dietary supplements have not always been known for. These three aspects of Muscle Milk are representative of MuscleMilk’s marketing philosophy which has also been adopted in the manufacturer’s other products. Making safe and effective dietary supplements and making the act of consuming them more enjoyable will encourage more and more people to switch to, and sustain a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Monster Milk is another product that has earned approval in many reviews. It is essentially Muscle Milk with more of the muscle-building nutrients and less of the fat so that anyone will have both the strength and endurance to take on the truly demanding workouts. The whey and casein protein content go together with strength-enhancing workouts to produce muscles, and the results are bigger and stronger muscles as well as the ability to more easily recover from workouts. Although the reviews reveal that people have both favorable and not-so-favorable opinions regarding Monster Milk’s price, most agree on the product working and tasting just as well as advertised.

Monster Milk has even worked wonders as a meal replacement because each serving has enough protein and calories that are slowly digested and absorbed by the body so it doesn’t need to consume much of anything else at any time of the day. This, however, makes it a poor choice for consumption just before or after a workout wherein the body needs a supplement that can be digested more quickly. Even so, reviews about Monster Milk have been generally positive because of the supplement’s obvious merits.

Cytomax is the premier sports nutrition manufacturer’s participation in the already saturated performance drink market niche dominated by industry leader Gatorade. Cytomax’s blend of carbohydrates and electrolytes produces sustained energy which is a must in every workout, especially an extended one. Cytomax is different in that it is the only MuscleMilk supplement that may be consumed in the middle of a workout. Satisfied users have reported increases in both body energy and muscle endurance which are essential in distance-oriented workouts such as running and cycling although some reviews show that Cytomax may be just as practical in weightlifting.

MuscleMilk has a number of specialty premier sport nutrition products, each with a specific function other than muscle growth and improved endurance as advertised for Muscle Milk, Monster Milk, and Cytomax. CytoGainer allows people to increase weight without having to eat huge amounts of food. It builds muscle and serves as an occasional small meal replacement as claimed by a number of satisfied customers, but some reviews also mention unwanted increases in fat and flatulence.

With a regular intake and proper workouts, MuscleMilk’s Fast Twitch supplement enables one’s muscles to expand within a somewhat shorter time than usual. While the reviews commend Fast Twitch for its effectiveness, people are also warned of the supplement’s high stimulant content which could result in anxiety, nausea, insomnia, diarrhea, and dehydration. One must first thoroughly weigh the pros and cons of making Fast Twitch a part of one’s daily supplement intake because of the possible side effects.

MuscleMilk even has a “Collegiate” product line. This product line which consists of variations of both Muscle Milk and Cytomax is so-named because the contents of the products are in accordance with existing NCAA regulations concerning nutritional supplements. This ensures that aspiring athletes in some NCAA member colleges and universities will receive safe nutritional aids to enhance their physical ability in garnering honors for their respective alma maters through sports competitions. MuscleMilk has even sponsored the athletic departments of some of these schools to allow student-athletes to avail themselves of MuscleMilk products at discounted prices. As the reviews show, the Collegiate Muscle Milk and Cytomax variants have been hailed for their value to customers.

Regardless of what the reviews will tell you, you must nonetheless exercise your prudence—as well as your body—if you want to achieve the best results. As their name implies, supplements only serve as aids under a comprehensive system of physical development that consists of exercise and proper dieting. Relying on supplements alone is inadequate, even dangerous when there is too much protein in one’s body without exercise and calories to act as counterbalances. This will result in greater susceptibility to stress, not to mention zero muscle growth.

Even a premier sports nutrition provider such as MuscleMilk won’t always guarantee 100 percent effectiveness for all its products since a number of drawbacks have come to the fore as mentioned by some customers. The reviews are only there to guide people into making purchasing decisions and not to tell them where they should be spending their money. The topic of supplements is itself a sensitive one as a number of contrasting views on it have proliferated over the years with some advocating them while others push for alternative means of achieving optimum body structures and levels of endurance. If you trust supplements enough to work for you, the reviews should help you determine which ones will work for you the best.