Published in: May 5, 2021

A Closer Look at the Many Possible Causes of Obesity

Don’t look now, but it appears like the conveniences of modern living are contributing to the rising numbers of obesity and diabetes.

A Closer Look at the Many Possible Causes of Obesity

As more kids would rather play at home using gadgets or computers, or watch tv, and adults put off walking & other forms of exercise owing to a busy work schedule, it is not surprising to find an obesity epidemic in our midst.

Being obese gives some people the impression that you are lazy or weak-willed. Yet, there are lots of overweight people who are far from being weak-willed or lazy. Many individuals take steps to lose extra pounds and try to be vigilant about keeping them off – to no avail. Health experts explain that there are actually various interrelated factors contributing to obesity.

Poor nutritional choices and sedentary behavior, no doubt, contribute to the accumulation of fat. There are also other factors like genetics that influence some people’s body weight issues. Weight loss can be an intense struggle that may involve more than fighting hunger pangs or food cravings. You need to understand what goes on inside your own body. You also need to take a closer look at emotional and environmental factors.

In any case, obesity heightens the risk of a serious illness like diabetes, so you need to take action, beginning with understanding what triggers you to overeat. It may be because of stress, boredom, or anger. Or a medical condition may be contributing to your weight gain.

Take a moment to assess your lifestyle, including the sleep you’re getting, the stresses/anxieties you’re experiencing, and so on. To circumvent obesity at any age, you should be physically active; it should begin during your younger years. As you advance in age, you need to stay active.

The problem arises when you turn to modern conveniences that encourage you to be sedentary. Modern product technologies, the busier pace of living, and time pressures have created an increasing demand for convenience.

One of the unintentional end results: obesity.

Obesity may also be related to lack of sleep. When a person lacks sleep, the level of leptin tends to go down, making him/her feel hungrier than if adequate rest was obtained. Doctors point out that insufficient shuteye may also result in higher than normal blood sugar levels, which heightens the risk for diabetes.

Environmental factors also cannot be discounted. Studies point out that early-life exposure to environmental toxins or traces of chemicals in food may account for stubborn excess pounds. There are ways to curb exposure to chemicals that contribute in some way to obesity.

The truth of the situation is, without many people knowing it, companies may add nasty chemicals to product offerings to make them taste better, but which turn out to be fattening food-producing strategies to make more profits. To fight back, avoid canned foods and opt for natural foods that don’t contain phthalates, hormones, and other junk.

Taking a holistic approach, viewing obesity from many different angles, focusing on getting real food, and throwing in regular exercise can be your best bets to overcoming obesity and averting illnesses like diabetes.