Published in: January 27, 2021 – Save on Nutritional Supplements is an online site that claims to have most, if not all, of people's nutritional supplements needs.

Most people are now used to the mall lifestyle, where everything a person needs is located in one gigantic place. This is the same effect that the company wants to achieve through its Website and brick and mortar stores in Wisconsin.

The company offers a wide array of supplements, many of which are those used by bodybuilders to get the bodies that they desire. Another thing that the supplement warehouse claims are that it offers the best prices for the products that it sells anywhere on the Web.

The first thing that a person notices upon reaching the company’s website is the seemingly endless stream of products splashed all over the place. The products are arranged like in a conventional catalog of classified advertisements. The presentation is helpful enough to those who know what they are looking for each product comes with a picture and the corresponding price. Adding any of the products to the buyer’s basket can be done with a single click of the add button, which is conspicuously placed just under the price.

Another good feature of the website is the list of all the brands that the company is selling. This is perfect for those who are merely browsing as they are given the chance to check every product from a particular brand. Going through the whole list is not advisable though because of the sheer number of brands that offers. This is, after all, a warehouse. Hence, it goes without saying that buyers have all the choices they want. The real challenge is actually deciding which from the hundreds of products they are going to buy.

Nonetheless, this is not a problem for those who are regular customers or those who know exactly what they want to buy. Indeed, the way that the products are presented on the first page of the site makes shopping for nutritional supplements an easy task. The list of brands is alphabetically arranged, hence, locating products is very easy. An even easier way to look for products is through the “find products” function. The panel for the said function is found at the topmost of the site. Using the panel, buyers can browse the entire store either by category or by brand. In addition, buyers may also use the search function to look for products that may be connected to a particular term or word.

Aside from the number of products, many users have also mentioned the low price of most of the items offered on the site. Several users have reported saving up to $50 in total. Take note, though, bulk orders are not yet honored by (Facebook).

Hence, buyers can only purchase on a by piece basis. Nonetheless, many satisfied customers have benefited from the low prices of the products found on the site. One customer claimed that the warehouse’s products were way cheaper compared to that from other nutritional supplement stores, both conventional and online.

Also creating a lot of buzz for the company is their five percent price match offer. The offer basically means that if a buyer can find a competing website or company that offers a lower price for a particular product, he or she can buy the same product at Supplement Warehouse at a price lower by 5 percent. Many customers have benefited from this offer. Although it may be a painstaking job to scour the Web for stores that offer lower prices, the rewards are definitely worth the effort, more so if the buyer is purchasing several products.

Convenience is also a strong point about this nutritional supplements warehouse. Customers who order through the website have several payment options. First, they may opt to pay using their credit cards or debit cards. accepts American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover credit cards. As for debit cards, these should be drawn from a U.S.-based bank to be accepted. Another payment option is through checks. All kinds of checks—personal, company, cashier, and even money order, for that matter—are accepted. However, orders to be paid through this method will be on hold prior to the check’s approval by the company’s bank.

If a buyer is not comfortable paying through a check or credit card, he or she has one more option. The warehouse accepts payment through the mail. For buyers who opt to use this method of payment, they may order through the website or phone. They are given 30 days to send the payment before the orders are canceled. Orders will be shipped to the buyer upon acceptance of the payment, which should include a printed copy of the shipping cost computed through the online calculator for products ordered via the website.

Several customers have also said in their SupplementWarehouse, com reviews that they liked the freebies that the company regularly gives to customers. The company also offers free samples of some of their products, giving customers a chance to try new items without paying for them. Low prices, convenient payment, large selection, plus freebies are features that can clearly hook customers and convince them to come back for more. Many reviews have proven this and new customers seem to be adding to the list of satisfied buyers every day. reviews also show that customers trust the company because it has been around for several years without any major problems in their service and product delivery. This is probably why that until now, the company remains strong despite the emergence of new competition. In addition, the company has also been expanding its stock of nutritional supplements, allowing more people to experience the benefits of using the website to shop for everything they need for their health. Hence, whether a buyer is into bodybuilding or just merely trying to stay healthy, the warehouse will most likely have the product that they are looking for.

Finally, several reviewers have given their thumbs up to the customer service department of the website for acting immediately on their concerns, complaints, and questions. According to one reviewer, Supplement Warehouse’s customer service reps were accommodating when she tried to inquire about the whereabouts of the products that she ordered. The orders were tracked and arrived at the customer’s house the next day.

Of course, there is really no perfect retailer. Hence, despite the largely positive reviews received by the company, some people have also aired their dissatisfaction with some of the services offered. The most common complaint that customers have is the reportedly excessive shipping and handling fees that the Supplement Warehouse charges buyers. According to some reviews, the expensive shipping and handling charges negate the discounts and low prices of the products. Hence, in the end, customers actually pay higher when buying from the company.

However, this is never really a problem when taken in the context of the significantly low product prices. When calculated, especially for multiple-item orders, buyers will still save more than when they buy from competing websites, where prices are clearly higher, while shipping fees are almost equal.

Another complaint that regularly crops up is the waiting time for the orders. Some people claim in their reviews that their orders almost always arrive late. Again, this may be due to confusion between the buyer and retailer. The company states on the website that orders may arrive between three and 10 business days, depending on the location of the customer.

The company is based in Wisconsin. Hence, if a customer is from Arizona or New Mexico, for instance, chances are, the orders will not arrive in three days. In addition, what customers should count is business days. Thus, if they ordered on a Friday, it follows that Saturday and Sunday will not be included in counting the days. In short, they will have to expect a delay of at least two days due to the weekend.

The complaints taken into consideration, the company is still a good choice for anyone who wants to get their nutritional supplements at the lowest prices anywhere on the Internet. In addition, nothing can beat the wide selection of products that is often cited by many people in their reviews. Of course, with the addition of freebies and the convenience of doing business through the Internet, it is easy to conclude that the company is one of the best, if not the best, sites on the Internet to get one’s daily dose of supplements and other health products.

Nutritional supplements are now part of people’s daily lives, and it’s a good thing that there are Websites that offer services that make acquiring these products easy, convenient, and cheap. Clearly, with websites like, more people will be convinced to take up bodybuilding and to buy their supplements online. Nonetheless, for those who are in the Wisconsin area, they may want to just visit the warehouse’s brick and mortar stores to save them from the shipping and handling fees and thus increase their savings.