Published in: May 1, 2021

Top Nine Libido Boosting Foods: Eating for Better Sex

Doctors say that people are what they eat. It means that people's life depends on what they consume every day.

If they eat healthy foods, they can be very healthy. On the contrary, they will be unhealthy when they eat unhealthy foods. In this case, foods also contribute to their libido level. In medical science, there are 9 libido-boosting foods that are very useful for those who want to have great sexual desire.

The first food which is able to increase libido is Watermelon

This fruit contains citrulline. It is an amino acid that has a responsibility to improve blood flow into the heart. Besides, its role in improving blood flow into the genitalia as well. Citrulline is very effective in terms of making blood vessels relax. This effect is similar to what Viagra produces. As the result, it increases blood flow into the sexual organs.

The second food is Dark Chocolate

In 2006, The Journal of Sexual Medicine wrote that women consuming chocolate had higher sexual desire than those who don’t. Therefore, it is good for them to eat chocolate every day. It is serotonin-containing in chocolate that boosts their mood. Besides, chocolate contains phenylethylamine that mimics their brain chemistry of one in love.

The third food is Celery

It might not the first food that comes to people’s minds when they think about libido-boosting foods. Androsterone as an odorless hormone which is released through perspiration of male is found in celery. In order to get the benefit, it is well-recommended to eat raw celery.

The fourth food is Banana

Besides watermelon, banana is listed as a fruit that boosts libido as well. It has a bromelain enzyme whose benefits are reversing impotence and also increasing libido.

The fifth food is Garlic

Similar to watermelon, garlic is able to increase the flow of blood into the sexual organs. It is allicin found in garlic whose function is increasing the blood flow. As the result, sexual arousal occurs.

The sixth food is Nuts

One of its roles is supporting libido. It has important acids at a high level which is very critical for hormone production. Besides, it contains L-Arginine as well. It is useful for increasing erectile response.

The seventh food is an Egg

Medical experts have reported that egg has rich in vitamin B5 and B6. These vitamins maintain a balanced hormone level. It is also a source of cholesterol which becomes an essential precursor for estrogen and testosterone production.

The eighth food is Fish

Almost all fishes have omega-3 fatty acids that improve the nervous system. Salmon and mackerel are fishes that have omega-3 fatty acids at quite a high level. Consumers can take the advantage of it since fish can increase blood flow.

The ninth food is Chili

It is very hot because of tons of capsaicin. It is a chemical containing in chili which increases blood flow.