Published in: April 10, 2021

Types of pain relief for arthritis

Arthritis is a degenerative joint disease that is typically characterized by joint pains, joint swelling, and all types of joint discomfort.

Joint discomfort like stiffness, reduced flexibility of the joint, warmth, and redness of the joint are some of the physical manifestations of arthritis.

Treatments aimed towards relief from arthritis pain vary. Some of the treatments are as follows.

1. Engaging in exercise – Exercise has proven effective in alleviating arthritis pains. Examples of exercises you can perform are weight training, endurance exercises, range of motion exercises. Weight training helps give your joints muscle strength. Endurance exercises like low-impact activity increase our overall endurance. Range of motion exercises increases our joint flexibility.

2. Getting more sleep – Sleeping helps one afflicted with arthritis can avoid flare-ups brought about by arthritic inflammation.

3. Losing weight – People who weigh too much have increased pressure on their lower extremities. This can cause arthritic pain in the legs and feet. For pain relief for arthritis, losing weight is one prime option.

4. Not staying in one position for too long – Staying in a position too long may cause rigidity in the joints. Not staying in one position for too long can help regain flexibility and get temporary relief from arthritis pain.

5. Applying topical creams on afflicted joints – Using creams such as capsaicin creams can be helpful in getting pain relief for arthritis. It is also a temporary relief from arthritis pain.
6. Using Provailen.

Provailen is an all-natural product that helps alleviate joint pains. It is composed of three core ingredients that help target the causes of the pain from 3 different angles.

It is made from Reishi, Tongkat Ali, and Capsaicin.

Reishi (Ganoderma) helps in a lot of ways. It helps in brain function. It helps in balancing your immune system to help it stop attacking your joints. It is a powerful drug that reduces inflammation in your joints.

Reishi is composed of different compounds that all contribute to the effectiveness of Provailen.

It has triterpenes, which gives Reishi its bitter taste and also strengthens the stomach and the digestive system. It can decrease allergies and inflammation.

It has polysaccharides, which acts as an anti-coagulant. It helps decrease allergies and strengthens the immune system, thereby helping avoid rheumatism.

It also has Organic Germanium, which enhances body energy, reduces fatigue, improves blood circulation, detoxifies the blood, improves circulation of the blood, and improves metabolism.

AMP or Adenosine Monophosphate is also present. It helps alleviate thrombosis and improve blood circulation.

SOD or Superoxide Dismutase is also present. Like Organic Germanium and AMP, it also helps detoxify the blood.

Tongkat Ali helps fight off muscle atrophy or the shortening of muscles due to inactivity. Tongkat ali also helps in regenerating bone. It must be noted that tongkat Ali is also a prime ingredient in many herbal medicines due to its vast medicinal properties.

The last ingredient is Capsaicin, which is already widely used in getting pain relief for arthritis.