Published in: May 1, 2021

7 Different Types of Supplements for Men

In a perfect world, men would get all their nutritional requirements from the food they eat. Sadly though, this is rarely the case.

In fact, it is wishful thinking. USDA states that men of ages 31-50 ought to eat 350% more green vegetables and another 150% more fruit daily to meet the set federal dietary supplements. Supplements help men meet the recommended dietary supplements. In this article, we tell you the different supplements for men.

1. Fish Oil

Fish happens to be among the best omega-3 fatty acids sources. Omega-3 fatty acids are important for heart and brain health and also act as a natural anti-inflammatory. You will find this nutrient especially great if you have aching joints or sports injuries. Even if you normally eat the right servings of fish weekly, experts still recommend that you take at least 1-3 grams of fish oil every day. Take even more if you do not consume fish as your main meal. Insist on brands with DPA and EPA as these are 2 important healthy fats contained in fish.

2. Glucosamine and Chondroitin

According to experts, these substances, occurring naturally in the human body, may hold the key to sports injuries and aching joints pains. The daily dose is 1.5g daily. Improvement is evident after six weeks. In case you do not realize any improvements, it could be that they are not working for your case.

3. Vitamin A

This is an anti-oxidant that serves to maintain color vision and low light vision. It also maintains the mucous membranes and skin cells. People who have higher amounts of Vitamin a have lower lung cancer risks. You can get it from most multivitamins or you may take it individually. But be careful not to take too much as it can be poisonous. According to the Institute of Medicine, one should never exceed 10,000 IU daily.

4. Probiotics

Probiotics are basically good bacteria, the type that is normally found in the intestines. They help gut health and also enhance the immune system. If you eat yogurt, unfermented and fermented milk, tempeh, and miso among other things, you will get a rich supply of probiotics. But if for some reason you cannot find these foods regularly, it is advisable to take this supplement. It contains at least ten billion live bacteria belonging to the Lactobacillus family. The best thing is to swallow some capsules before you go off to sleep.

5. Thermogenics

These are fat-burning supplements and they help your body shed some fat.

They do this in a couple of ways:

They convince the stubborn adipose tissues to open up and allow fat into the bloodstream. This way, the fat becomes an essential energy source when we work out.

Another way is through helping to raise the internal temperature of your body. This means that your body will heat up and so burning even more calories in the long run.

6. Multivitamin

This is a critical supplement but surprisingly, most men do not like it. If you want to take multivitamins work for you, you have got to make them a part of your schedule. Rather than stashing a bottle of multivitamins on a shelf, just keep it near your coffee pot or toothbrush. This ensures that you do not go a day without grabbing some. Also, your multi must contain 2 critical nutrients which are zinc and selenium. Zinc helps in sperm making while selenium is famed to possess effects that ward off cancer.

7. Folic Acid

This is a water-soluble b-complex vitamin that your body needs to make energy-supplying RBC (red blood cells) in the body. Folate, a natural kind of this B vitamin, is abundant in food. On the other hand, folic acid is a synthetic supplement.

According to a study conducted in 2012 and published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, young males and females that consumed the highest amounts of folic acid reported a 52% less blood pressure risk 2 decades later as opposed to individuals who consumed less folic acid.

Although it is good to get enough folic acid, it might be dangerous if you take too much. In a recent review conducted by Norwegian researchers, supplements and folic acid were associated with a 24% rise in prostate cancer in men.


It is not possible to get all the nutrients that your body requires from the food you eat alone. Sometimes, adding a bit of supplement goes a long way into replenishing your body’s demand for these important nutrients. The above are some of the most important supplements for men.