Published in: May 5, 2021

Weight Loss Poses: Holding Still for a Killer Workout

Weight loss exercises often make all those on the heavy side cringe when they think about having to move a lot.

Weight Loss Poses: Holding Still for a Killer Workout

Abdominal crunches, jogs, sprints, power walks, swimming laps, and all these other action-packed workout routines are not everybody’s cup of tea.

If you want to slim down and get toned without a lot of movement, then you might want to try these weight loss poses suggested by training and fitness experts as well as yoga masters to achieve your weight loss goal. Make sure to wear comfortable clothing and on a stable rubberized yoga mat if possible.

These are not easy feats you can pull them off with slow and steady practice.

The Plank – this pose tones the core without bothering your spine. All you have to do is to get down on your hands and knees. Then you straighten your legs and support your lower weight on your toes and your upper weight on your hands with arms straight. Your back should be straight with your shoulder blades together. Hold the pose while counting to 60.

The Down Dog – after Planking, raise your hips up and backward, keeping your legs and arms straight. Keep your neck relaxed and your palms flat against the floor. Your body should be forming an upside-down V position.

You can then do a Down Dog Split, wherein you lift your right leg behind you with the foot flexed. After 8 counts, slowly lower it back to its original position and repeat the method with the left leg.

You can further the workout pose by going on tiptoe on the foot that is supporting your body and bringing the lifted leg’s knee near your face. Do this about 4 times on each leg.

The Low Lunge – with this weight loss pose, you can stand with your feet apart about hip-width, and your arms at your sides. With your right foot, take a step to the front. Then you bend to the front from your waist and plant your fingertips onto the floor surface on either side of your right foot. Bend your knees a little and move your left leg backward. Push against the ground with your left heel and lower your hips slowly.

Raise it to a High Lunge by lifting your hips until your right thigh is parallel to the ground. Widen your arms straight upward beside your ears and loosen your shoulders. Release your weight on your left foot and reach out your heel behind you for balance.

Further, the workout pose by extending your left arm forward and your right arm backward. Then you twist your upper body to the right and loosen your shoulders, with your head looking back over your right hand.

These workout steps challenge your muscles in fresh ways. Each workout pose should ideally be held for 5 deep breaths on one side and then another 5 on the other. Do this about 4 times every week and notice significant weight loss.