Published in: April 16, 2021

What Benefits Can I See by Switching to a Paleo Diet?

The paleo diet has taken the world by storm and is in fact, the most popular diet on the planet at the moment.

What Benefits Can I See by Switching to a Paleo Diet?

Many people have tried it and many have given up too. However, there are thousands who have successfully adopted this diet and report a wide range of benefits after adopting the paleo lifestyle.

The paleo diet is actually a lifestyle change because of the nature of the diet. It is strict and unforgiving. Sugar, processed foods, additives, grains, dairy, hydrogenated oils, etc. are anathema to the hardcore paleo dieter.

You are absolutely not allowed to eat these foods and that creates a huge problem when eating outside because our society has evolved to a point where we are surrounded by bad food choices that are cleverly marketed as the next biggest thing since sliced bread… which is also not allowed in the paleo diet.

The question is… Is the juice worth the squeeze?

Is the paleo diet worth all the sacrifice and inconvenience?

The answer is yes… yes, yes, yes.

We live in a society where obesity and health problems have reached epidemic proportions. Most of these problems are directly related to the food we eat.

Like the Greek physician, Hippocrates, said, “Let food be thy medicine and let thy medicine be food”.

The paleo diet achieves that and more. By just eliminating the foods that are not allowed, half the battle is won. In the beginning, this will indeed be an arduous task. You will need to adapt to the new diet and of course, you will have sugar cravings and may even fall ill. This is nothing to worry about.

Your body is getting rid of all the stored toxins. You have not become sick. Your body is getting rid of “stored sickness”. In a month, you will feel better than you ever felt before.

The paleo diet is anti-inflammatory. You will be less prone to aches and pains. Thousands of people, who moan and groan from aches and pains daily, do not realize that they are suffering from inflammation. Once you cut off the processed foods and artificial additives, you will see a dramatic decrease in aches and pains.

Your blood sugar levels will also be more stable and you will lose excess fat. The pounds that seemed so difficult to shed before will melt off now. You will have better sleep and more energy. So many people wake up feeling groggier than when they hit the sack. The paleo diet cures this problem.

The paleo diet does have its detractors. People who will portray paleo dieters as dirty, bearded carnivorous cavemen with bad social skills and even worse hygiene. The truth of the matter is that anybody can go on a paleo diet and will not make you some dirty Neanderthal.

The diet while strict does not have to be disgusting. You have enough food choices and nobody is putting manacles on you and forcing you to eat animal offal. You can eat steak, seafood, fruit, vegetables, etc. The only difference will be in the oils you use and your seasoning methods.

The paleo diet is not bland and monochromatic. There are a variety of recipes that can be used to prepare tasty paleo meals. That being said, food does not have to be “exciting” the way commercial companies slickly promote their products to be. Obesity is not exciting. Neither is diabetes or high cholesterol.

All these problems are also kept at bay with the paleo diet. If this much info has not convinced you yet, you should also note that you will be less likely to develop allergies and have better skin and teeth with the paleo diet. It doesn’t get better than that.

Do give the paleo diet a try. You may never look back. In the beginning, you will have to change for paleo but in the long run, paleo will change your entire life for the better. Nothing worth having comes easy.