Published in: January 4, 2021

What Kind of Cardio Workout is Right for You?

More often, the cardio workout is associated with weight loss. However, the effects of cardio workouts are not limited to eliminating some pounds.

Cardio workout is also very important in strengthening the body and keeping it away from diseases. Studies have shown that cardio workout helps in reducing stress, having better sleep, increasing bone density, and lessening the chances of contracting heart and lung diseases.

With all these benefits, individuals, both young and old should execute cardio exercises.

However, before performing any cardio workout, it is important to note which type of cardio workout is appropriate for you. The kind of cardio workout you must perform is based on your overall fitness level, as well as your goals.

Here is a quick look at the main types of cardio workouts:

Regular Cardio Workout

This type of cardio workout involves exercise routines that have low to medium intensity and medium to long duration. Usually, a regular cardio workout takes half an hour. At times, it can be extended up to an hour or so.

Walking, biking, jogging, and swimming are the usual exercises included in this category. These forms of exercise are in a low-intensity mode. People with obesity who may have low fitness ability may perform simple walking.

As the fitness level progresses, a more intensified and longer regular cardio workout must be done.

During the conduct of these low to medium-intensity routines, lesser calories are utilized and fat is burned to give the body energy.

High-Intensity Cardio Workout

This cardio workout is done with a high level of intensity for a short duration. It involves exercises such as hiking, running, and rowing.

Doing a highly intense routine makes the body shed off a huge amount of calories. It is because the body utilizes other energy sources aside from fat to provide enough power required for this kind of workout.

High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT

HIIT requires an individual to alternately perform low, medium, and high-intense workouts. The duration then becomes dependent on the type of routines done. Jogging for a few seconds followed by walking for another fifteen seconds can be performed by a beginner.

On the other hand, a person with a high fitness level may sprint for half a minute and jog for a few seconds. Such a set is repeated within fifteen minutes.

As mentioned early on, aside from your fitness level, the right cardio workout is identified according to your objectives. You will see below which type of cardio workout will cater to these needs.

Weight Loss

This objective is never out of the list. A lot of people train and work out for this reason. If you are one of them, you should execute both low and high-intensity routines. Take note that cardio exercises that are fairly intense must be performed after consuming a significant amount of carbohydrates or glycogen. Such increases the heart rate and burns a lot of fat tissues.

Cardiovascular Fitness

If achieving cardiovascular fitness is your main objective, a combination of high-intensity cardio and HIIT will be best for you. Cardio workouts that are high in intensity bring more cardiovascular effects, compared with the low-intensity ones.

Development of Muscles

For this objective, low-intensity cardio is beneficial. This is because high-intensity cardio will just burn the calories necessary to build and strengthen muscles.