Published in: November 23, 2020

Your Ideal Foods and Exercises According to the Blood Group Diet

A blood group diet would allow you to lose weight naturally without going into special exercise regimens or imposing strict restrictions on yourself.

You can eat whatever food you like in any quantity, as long as it is compatible with your particular blood group. There are four classifications which are A, B, AB, and O that are all made up of antigens. The blood type diet recognizes them and helps you create a diet according to your identified antigens.

If you have blood type A, your blood group diet should be more on the vegetarian side. Although you may not like it, it can be the most natural way for you to lose weight. Dairy products and red meat should be avoided, and you should engage yourself in calming exercises such as yoga, golf, and other activities that have a relaxing effect.

People that have blood type B are luckier since they can go on a diet that is composed of any kind of food. They are the ones who are characterized by a digestive system that is very adaptable and an immune system that is stronger than the other blood groups. If you belong to this blood group, dairy products would not harm you although you should avoid processed foods and nuts if you can. For exercise, those that will make you do some mental calculations are advised such as swimming and hiking.

An intermediate group exists between blood types A and B and this is AB. If you belong to this group, your blood type diet should be strictly vegetarian. You should strive to keep your diet well balanced and from time to time, some fish and meat, as well as dairy products, can be included. When it comes to exercise, people under this blood group diet should engage in relaxing activities that are mildly intense.

A blood group diet that is ideal for individuals that have blood type O is one that is rich in protein and low in carbohydrates. The diet should be taken along with a good portion of meat and eggs. If you have blood type O, you should avoid having milk and its by-products, grains or wheat. Since the blood type is said to be the oldest one in existence, you should engage in exercises that involve a lot of running. The type of exercise stems from the fact that early man was a gatherer and a hunter. Hence, jogging, running (treadmill, short and long-distance), and aerobics would be best for you.

The idea of a blood type diet was first popularized by a naturopathic doctor in a book that is still selling strongly today. Aside from being a natural way to lose weight, eating according to your blood type is claimed to be good for allergies and in increasing the body’s resistance to infections. So if you are searching for an effective and natural way to lose weight, the blood group diet can be the answer you are looking for.